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2017 Concours d'Elegance Award Winners

BMW NA's Choice: Elihu Savad

1988 Alpineweiss E30 M3. This award is given to the E30 M3 that BMW would view as the most like to be driven as it was designed to be: Elihu Savad.

Best of Show: Ross Karlin

1991 Brilliantrot E30 M3. Ross Karlin, an original owner of a beautiful 1991 Brillant Red E30 M3.

SIGMeister's Choice: Chuck Moss

1989 Diamond Schwartz E30 M3. Chuck Moss, an owner of a beautiful Diamond Schartz E30 M3.

Best Tribute: Nick Plakas

1988 Art Car E30 M3. This award was meant to be given to the car that was modified to look like something other than what it looked like when it was being hand-built at the factory. Nick Plakas for his modern day "Art Car" DTM Race Car.

Best Stock: Kyle Griffith

1988 Cinnabar Red E30 M3. Best Stock goes to Kyle Griffith for his 1988 Cinnabar Red E30 M3.

Dedication Award: David Alberts

Founder This award was open to interpretation but was intended to go to an influential member of the E30///M3 community that has made a difference in the ownership experience of SIG and S14 members. This year's award went to David Alberts who has kept the community well informed and together with and the design of this years' commerative logo design.

Road Warrior: Mark Masleh

1988 Cinnabar E30 M3. The Road Warrior Award goes to Mark Masleh for his 1988 Cinnabar E30 M3 with 191K miles.

Best Modified: Brandon Wheaton

1988 Cinnabar E30 M3. Brandon Wheaton for his 1988 Cinnabar E30 M3.