Frequently Asked Questions...

Are SIGFest events open to the public?

SIGFest is not open to the public. Our members participate in numerous BMW Meets and Car Shows throughout the year. Generally, those events are open to the public. Our members communicate electronically via email and online message boards. The purpose of SIGFest is to present an opportunity for our members to meet in person and display their cars.

Who can attend SIGFest?

Free events are reserved for BMW Car Club of America and E30 M3 Special Interest Group members only. Pay events are open to all E30 M3 owners. This policy is reviewed annually and subject to change year-to-year.

Can I bring anyone with me?

Members are encouraged to bring their families, spouses, children, and a limited number of guests. Children 12 years and younger are always admitted free of charge. Members and paid participants are responsible for the behavior and safety of their guests and children.

How can I become a member?

To become a member, you must first join the BMW Car Club of America. When joining the BMWCCA, indicate you'd like to also join the E30 M3 Special Interest Group (for an additional fee). Membership details are available from: BWCCA, and The E30 M3 Special Interest Group (bimmers.com).

Pay vs. Free Events

Historically, SIGFest has always been free to our members (BMWCCA and E30 M3 Special Interest Group). This year, we are asking participants to pay/donate an admission fee. The change in venue, the venue itself, and the opportunity to provide catered food, all factored into our decision to charge an admission fee. The admission policy is subject to change on a year-to-year basis. Our goal is to present the best possible event, costing members little to no money.

Why is there an admission fee/donation this year?

This year, the admission fee/donation covers the expenses associated with running the event. Funds are used to rent and reserve the venue, catering services (food & beverage), awards, signs, stationary, and equipment. SIGFest is and remains a non-profit organization.

What if I own another vintage BMW model?

Other BMW models are not allowed (regardless of age and condition). SIGFest events are reserved for it's members and E30 M3 owners only.

How often does SIGFest occur?

SIGFest is an annual event. Usually two to three days, held during the fall or summer.

Is SIGFest only held in New Jersey?

Currently, SIGFest is only held in New Jersey. The first SIGFest was planned and organized in New Jersey. In keeping with tradition, the event is still based in New Jersey.

Are there other SIGFest events in the United States?

In years past, there were several SIGFest events held in the U.S. (SIGFest East, SIGFest West, and SIGFest South). SIGFest West and South have since been discountinued. The number of events and regional locations are determined by our members and their support. Announcements and information for all events will be available here on sigfest.com.

Is there Rain Date policy?

Yes, every year we plan an alternative date in the event of bad weather. Members are informed a week prior the originally scheduled event.

Is there a refund policy?

Admission fees/dontations for "Pay" events are non-refundable. The majority of our expenses are paid in advance (several months before the event). This allows us to secure the venue, make food and catering arrangements, print registration badges, create banners, signs, and the creation of awards and trophies. These expenses cannot be avoided, and are required regardless of member participation and attendance.

Did You Know...

The SIGFest Name:

SIG - An acronym for "Special Interest Group", referring to the E30 M3 Special Interest Group.

Fest - deriving from the word "festival". An assembly of people engaged in a common activity (often used in combination): filmfest; gabfest; love-fest; poetry fest.

SIGFest Themes:

In paying homage to why the E30 M3 was built, every year SIG member Lance Richert selects a winning E30 M3 team from the glory days of DTM Racing. Lance creates a beautiful graphical representation of the selected team/car. The image is extremely detailed and depicts every aspect from color schemes, race sponsor decals, and driver information. The image is then reproduced on SIGFest t-shirts, sweat shirts, registration badges, and forms. Many of the theme items are now part of our members memorabilia collections. Can you name all the teams honored over the last 10 years?

The largest SIGFest gathering:

130+ members and their cars.

The smallest SIGFest gathering:

Approximately 18 members and their cars during a severe rain/thunder storm. (attended by the true diehards).

Farthest Traveled:

From the North: Canada
From the South: Florida
From the West: Colorado (previously Ohio)

High Mileage Award:

To date, the highest mileage award winner's car (driven to the event) registered over 240,000 miles.

Door-prizes and giveaways:

The generosity of our sponsors have allowed to us to offer BMW Moutain Bikes, BMW Pedal Cars, Detail Kits, Flat Screen TV's, Gift Certificates, T-shirts, Hats, BMW Watches, Plaques, Posters, and a variety of enthusiast related merchandise. What will you win?